Optimum Avium International

Optimum Avium International Exhibition of January 23, 2021 is canceled !!!
Due to the situation surrounding covid-19 and the increasingly strict measures and restrictions in both the Netherlands and neighboring countries, the board has decided to cancel the planned Optimum Avium International exhibition of 23 January 2021.

23-01-2021 | Exhibition Optimum Avium International.

A passion for game fowls

Beautiful, impressive, characterful game fowls.
Gamefowl: Hard-muscled and tightly feathered varieties in many forms.
Longtailfowl: Longfeathered fowl often with special tail carriage

Longcrowers: Fowl with longcrow characteristics

Mostly primal varieties, often belonging to cultural heritage.

This website offers you related information, photos and videos.
Also an overview of many recognized and unrecognized game fowls with their breed-specific description and other facts.